While you’ve done quite a bit with the rest of the place, the basement remains much as it was when you bought the property. That needs to change. Choosing to arrange for a full Penguin Basements renovation and finishing will make things better around the house. How can the renovated space make a difference? Here are some examples to consider. 

More Space for the Family to Use

Once the basement is finished, there are all sorts of ways the family can put it to good use. It can become the cozy family room that everyone can enjoy. Set up space for watching television or playing video games. Set aside some room for lower-tech games like cards or board games. The right lighting and a desk is ideal for paying bills or managing the family’s finances. 

The great thing about using the basement in this manner is that it won’t matter if things aren’t tidied up all the time. Visitors never have to see the space at all. If someone drops by, they can be escorted to the living room while the basement door remains closed. 

Overnight Guests Have Their Own Space

Another thing you could do with the basement is renovate it for use as a guest suite. Include a full bath as part of the redesign. This will mean if relatives or friends visit for a weekend, no one has to sleep on the fold-out couch in the den. There’s also no need for the kids to give up their beds for a guest. Everyone will be a lot happier with this type of arrangement.

Generating a Little Extra Income

If the basement renovation involves installing an outside point of entry to the space, consider converting it into a studio apartment. Add a small kitchenette in one corner as well as a full bath in a different part of the space. This type of setting can be ideal for someone who likes to live simply, a student, or anyone who needs a comfortable place to live within a certain price range. 

For your part, the studio apartment becomes a great way to generate some extra income each month. That money will help offset the cost of the renovation and allow the space to eventually pay for itself. 

Your Finished Basement and More Efficient Energy Consumption

Whatever you decide to do with the space, keep in mind that a fully finished basement does have an impact on your home’s energy efficiency. The lack of dampness and the greater control over the temperature within the space makes it easier to heat and cool the rest of the home. You could see a modest drop in the cost of utilities as well as feel a little more comfortable in your space. 

There’s a lot to be said for finishing the basement and converting it for a particular purpose. Think about what you would like to do with the space and then call the Brampton office to arrange a visit from a contractor. After an inspection, it will be easy to determine what must be done to finish the basement and also renovate it to the square footage is perfect for whatever purpose you have in mind.