If anything speaks to stature in New York City’s very competitive landscape, it is 1 World Trade Center. The building is one of the most prominent in the city and stands as the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. This monument is comprised of almost 1,800 feet of metal and steel and in many ways stands as a beacon of progress and resilience.

An entrepreneur can try and lease space, but commercial real estate in NYC is probably the most expensive in the world. However, the coworking space can provide entrepreneurs with a leg up on office space that is nestled in the center of economy. Entrepreneurs attempting to take advantage of all of the perks that go along with working in such a high-profile place should look before they leap.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important things to know about coworking in 1 WTC.

The Building

As stated previously, the building is one of the tallest in the city and this part of the world. However, it boasts some of the most majestic scenes from its Sky Lobby on the 64th storey. From this floor, professionals can take in all of NYC and witness the city’s impressive skyline.

Servcorp’s website link illustrates the building’s prominence and stature in the city, and this is not a concrete nightmare. Instead, the building is made from sustainable design and renewable energy, as interior daylighting, reuse of rainwater, and recycled construction debris and material make up the building’s totality. The building itself is home to a number of retail establishments and business, two of which define the location.

The Environment

One WTC is smack dab in the middle of Manhattan’s FiDi (Financial District). As one of the most famous and televised locations around the country, 1 WTC is also home to the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The location is the financial center of not only the city, but also of the world, or at least one of them.

Entrepreneurs will find the WTC an environment rife for opportunities, as financiers and those who work in finance comprise much of the business community. Nowhere else in the city will you have the opportunity to connect with people who know and work with money, and some of these professionals are very connected. For entrepreneurs who need access to people and resources, the WTC is one of the finest environments in which to do so.

The Fit Out

The fit out in this building is another reason entrepreneurs should go with a coworking space in the WTC. The offices are a part of the corporate space, so expect to see white-shoe décor that includes the finest furnishings. No office of this stature can go without including highly-trained, and sometimes bilingual, receptionists to meet clients and other contacts at the front desk. The fit out is quite impressive, especially when considering all of the perks that really increase the value of some of these packages.

The Cost

The cost to lease space in the coworking space in the WTC is definitely higher than in other locations in NYC simply because of location, but entrepreneurs can hot desk in the building for less than $500 a month. Dedicated desks go for less than $800, but if you are looking to lease private office space in the building, you are looking at spending over $1,500 a month, even though this is less expensive than the overhead on conventional leasing. With all of the perks, however, coworking entrepreneurs can reap more rewards.

Making Your Investment

In many ways, leasing space in a coworking office nestled in one of the more well-recognised buildings in the world is an investment. The return on investment is seen in the savings from reduced overheads and building relationships that can ultimately be leveraged for growth in your own venture. With access to resources and talent, the coworking space in the WTC is probably the best investment an entrepreneur can make.