Workouts for Footballers

Being a soccer player has an incredible physical toll. To succeed at soccer one must be tough, agile, and fast, in order to best their opponents. Since it’s a very demanding sport, the training is very rigorous and taxing, so strength workouts are a part of it. Strength workouts are the foundation of a well-balanced soccer player, and doing proper strength workouts is key to improving as a player. Here are some of the most effective strength workouts for soccer players.

Trap Bar Deadlifts

An incredibly effective workout, using a trap bar, rather than the traditional bar, reduces the stress on the lower back. In turn, you’ll be able to lift more weight than with a normal bar, and with the decreased stress in the back, there’s a really lower risk of back injury, while adding lower body strength at the same time.

Doing this workout requires standing in the center of the trap bar with your knees shoulder-width apart. Then lower your hips while you keep your head forward and your chest up. Push up with your heels while you stand up with the weight, and when you reach the top of the movement push forward with your hips. Do 3-4 sets with 7-10 reps.

Barbell back squats

Squats are an important exercise that adds strength to your lower body, while improving hip flexibility. That’s why they’re an important part of a soccer player’s repertoire of exercises. The barbell back squats affect the quads, calves, and hamstrings, and strengthen them according to the needs of soccer players.

To start this workout your feet should be shoulder-width apart, while the squatbar rests on your shoulders. Keep your hips back and lower body down as you bend your knees towards the floor. Your head and chest should be held firmly up. When your hips are just below your knees, stop, and push back to the starting position. For the best effect, do 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Bench Press

Upper body strength is commonly neglected among soccer players, in the sense that it’s almost never as focused as lower body strength. In fact, the upper body is just as important to every soccer player as the lower body, and should be trained accordingly. Bench presses strengthens the chest, your triceps, and gives you extra pushing power.

As you lie on the flat bench, and the bar resting on the rack above you, grab it firmly with straight wrists. Make sure to have a full grip as you unrack the bar straight up and move it over your shoulders. While you’re keeping your forearms vertical, lower the bar to your chest, and the press up and lift the bar straight up into the air. At the end of the movement your elbows should be locked.

Proper strength workouts can vastly improve your stamina, speed, and agility, all the while adding core strength to your body. Properly doing strength workouts is an important element of any training that no soccer player should neglect.