If you have an upcoming local or interstate move, the best way to deal with the move for a hassle-free and safe experience is to hire a professional full-service mover that has the expertise and experience to execute the job successfully for you.  There are thousands of moving companies out there and you will not know where to start to choose the right one with the right rates, services and professional attitude for your move. Every moving company will give you the assurance that an outstanding job will be done and each one vows that they offer the best prices in town.  How do you sift through so many moving companies without getting stressed out and confused? 

By knowing how to compare moving companies, you will be able to quickly filter out the movers that are just not right for you.  Below are a few tips on how to compare moving companies:

  1. Compare rates and quotes
  2. Evaluate the mover’s services and add-ons
  3. Read reviews and feedbacks from previous users
  4. Compare credentials of the moving companies

Besides the above key points, there is a list of question you should ask these moving companies before engaging their service.  Some of the important questions to ask these movers are listed below:

1. Is the company a licensed company?

2. How long have they been in the house removal business?

3. Do they have an office in the city you are moving from and do they also have a branch at the city you are moving to?

4. Do they have a dedicated customer support team to handle queries and grievances promptly?

5. Are they willing to put all the commitments in writing?

6. Are they doing the job on their own or will they be subcontracting it to a third party?  If there’s a subcontracted third party, it the company licensed?

7. Do they have liability insurance?

8. Can they provide you with a breakdown of estimated costs?

9. Do they accept payment by cheque/credit cards/e-wallets etc?

10. What’s the process of claiming insurance?

11. What sort of packing materials do they use – are they new and good quality or are they recycled ones?

12. Do they load manually or with specialized moving equipment?

13. Is the quote final and all inclusive? Are there any hidden charges that I don’t know?

14. Is the quote for door to door service?

After you have done your due diligence work on a few moving companies, it’s time to do a comparison on the quotes, services and pros and cons of each mover. Whether you require a local mover, an interstate or long distance moving company, you can compare moving companies at Shiply, a shipping platform where you can search for the best house removal companies to help you when you are relocating or moving house. There are hundreds of registered professional moving companies on Shiply’s panel and the quotes on Shiply can often be up to 75% cheaper than usual as drivers are usually making similar journeys already and are looking to fill up their empty space. Not only is this cheaper but it also reduces unnecessary CO2 emissions, thus it’s kinder to Mother Earth.

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in life that almost everyone has to go through at some point or another in their life. Let Shiply help you handle your next move so that the moving process goes off without a hitch.