Bean Bag Chairs for Sensory Disorders

Once upon a time, bean bag chairs were designed strictly for sitting. They were usually spherical in shape and were meant to be a buffer between a hard floor and someone’s behind. These days, though, the best bean bag chairs are so much more than just chairs. They can be loungers, beds, and couches, and for people with sensory disorders, they can even be calming products that help them get through the day.

A Comforting Hug

Many children and adults who have sensory issues require the feeling of compression against their skin to help control their body movements. A high-end bean bag chair, like the Yogibo Max, provides this compression when a person sits or lays on the bean bag. The expanded polystyrene beads inside the bag envelop the person’s body and conform to every body part in contact with the bag. The beads shift to provide the proper amount of support regardless of the person’s weight or height.

Autistic individuals and other people with sensory disorders have described this compression and support as a comforting hug, and sometimes, they’ll stay on the Yogibo Max for hours, especially if they have experienced a traumatic situation that they had trouble dealing with. 

Body Control for People With ADHD

Even people who don’t have typical sensory disorders, like those with ADHD, use products like the Yogibo Max to help them sit still for a longer period of time. Just like the comforting support of the Yogibo envelops people with sensory issues in a giant hug, the body-conforming feature of the bean bag makes a person with ADHD so comfortable that they don’t feel like they have to constantly move. They are able to focus on their task at hand, which is an extremely positive capability for anyone who has ever felt like their body moves beyond their control.

Durable and Fun

The Yogibo Max is a piece of furniture that is not meant to be seen but not used. It’s the ideal product for kids who may need to get their energy out by jumping on it or using it as a punching bag. Its lightweight characteristic means that even kids are able to tote it around the house or a classroom with ease, but usually, they’ll drag it or push it where they want it to go. Don’t worry, though. The Yogibo’s construction is designed to take it. The cover is made from a cotton-spandex fabric blend that is stretchy and tear resistant. It’s not going to get a hole in it just because your child jumps on it or drags it to another room.

Plus, the covers are washable, so if they do drag it along the floor or accidentally spill something on it, all you need to do is remove the cover and toss it into the washing machine. It will be as good as new in no time. And if a tear does happen, you can easily replace the cover without having to buy an entirely new bean bag chair. All this adds up to a piece of furniture that is as fun as it is functional.


If you or someone you love has a sensory disorder, consider getting a Yogibo Max or similar product to provide a safe and comfortable place for just about any activity. Even if you just need it to decompress from the overwhelming day, the Yogibo will be there for you.