Uganda is one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa, and is a major contributor to the employment of Ugandans, source of investment general income of the country. It is part of the east Africa community along with neighbors Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and south Sudan. Its tourist sector showcases its traditional ai images , game parks and reserves and tropical forest, along with boat rides and so much more.

Here are places that you should not bypass while on safari in Uganda:

Bwindi National Park

The most important part of visiting this park is the activity of gorilla watching, which are exclusively found in this area in Uganda. The gorilla viewing is guaranteed to be a great experience – they are rather furry to adapt to the cold climate there; and they move in groups of ten led by a silverback that protects them from any danger. The park is a little further from the capital, Kampala, but there are great and affordable lodging accommodations around the park and the scenery is great.

Kibale Forest National Park

Close to Lake George and the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Park allows you to see chimpanzees; they are originally found in Queen Elizabeth Park but the best vantage point to see them is from Kibale. The best way to get there is through a hiking trail from Kanyanchu for the adventurous hikers, or by road for the rest of the tourists. People are allowed to observe and watch the chimpanzees feed, play and relax in their natural setting; in addition there are red and blue tailed monkeys, mangabeys and the amazing forest cover.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

It is basically the most popular tourist destination in Uganda, protected by the government and hosting a variety of savanna wildlife along with wetlands, grasslands, forests and several lakes. Giraffes, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes are just some of the few game animals present here, as well as Lake Edwards and Lake George where you can see crocodiles and hippos. Hot air balloon rides can be taken as well, and there are affordable accommodations in the surrounding areas. Queen Elizabeth National Park is the perfect place to experience a wildlife safari in Uganda.

Visit Murchison Falls

These Falls are an amazing natural tourist attraction, and protected areas with different game animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles and hippos; due to heavy poaching over the years, the number of game animals is not as high as it used to be but has been picking up recently. Bird watching is also a fun activity to undertake at the Murchison Falls National Park due to the many varieties of birds around the area. These falls are must see of all tourist locations, because there is always a picturesque rainbow formed by the water from the Nile cascading and splashing down 30 meters into the lake.

Lake Victoria

Uganda shares the lake with neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, and it is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, and is the origin of the Nile River. It has amazing features like islands, limitless varieties of fish and birds, luxury lodges and great restaurants. Activities like boat riding and tours are par for the course in the lake, and you can enjoy the scenery and beautiful breeze from the lake strategically in Entebbe, and the botanical gardens with many bird species.

Uganda is an amazing country with so much to see, and these few sites are just the most popular, but dig a bit deeper and you will get so much value for your buck, for instance, visit the sites in Kampala to understand the traditions of the Kabaka people.