hp 1

For Christmas, my lovely Nanna bought me the illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

She also bought herself one because she loved it so much.

And this won’t be a REVIEW as such (because God knows I’ve read every single one of these books about fifty times) but a collection of photos and lots of squeeing over how beautiful it is.

First of all we have the absolutely GORGEOUS endpapers.

hp 6

hp 7

They’re so, so pretty. And they make Hogwarts look even cooler, honestly. In primary school, when our librarian read picture books to us, she’d always show us the endpapers and usually they were pretty plain, but THESE?


Then you’ve got some super-cool chapter title illustrations.

hp 4

And they’re so colourful and vibrant and just awesome.

I made myself read the actual book rather than just looking at all the pictures, and I’m glad I did because getting to them properly was worth it.

Then you get to pages where there are NO WORDS, just PICTURES.

hp 2

I probably spent ten minutes looking at some of the illustrations, just because they’re so detailed and beautiful and aslkdjsldkfjlsdkjfs.

I mean, there are also pages with NO pictures that are a bit boring, but…still.

In general, I also love how it gives another visual interpretation to the books that’s NOT the movies.

hp 3

Snape, for example, looks completely different.

And Harry has GREEN EYES for once!! There are all these subtle changes that make me realise how closely I link the Harry Potter books with the Harry Potter movies.

You’ve got to admit that reading sometimes gets tedious without pictures. Now when I acquire some small children I can brainwash them much easier.

Although Hagrid looks exactly the same.

hp 5 hagrid

BUT LOOK, even the details of the KEYS here are so gorgeous. I’m seriously in love.

If only I could art.

I think probably my favourite part is how much of a derp Harry looks.

hp derp

Just…look at him.

Yeah so basically this was just an excuse for me to take book photos. What do you guys think of illustrated books? And considering how big THIS one is, do you think I could kill someone with the Order of the Phoenix illustrated edition?