As you should all know, Australia is the best country on Earth.

(sorry guys, it’s Olympics time…I’m getting a bit patriotic)

So to celebrate all things Aussie YA, the AusYABloggers are hosting a blog hop. Get ready to extend your TBRs, people.

dis gon be good

1. What you love about Aussie YA. 

Here is a short list:

  • The fact that there’s no dumb stereotypical jocks/cheerleaders/nerds/cool people. It’s all so REAL.
  • Because Aussie YA books aren’t necessarily going to be blockbusters, authors aren’t afraid to be experimental and different.
  • So relatable – I can actually picture a lot of the landscapes in my head.

2. Favourite Aussie authors


I’d have to say one of my favourite Aussie authors is Gabrielle Tozer, author of The Intern and Faking It. She writes with such incredible humour and warmth, and also I love Josie TO BITS.

Other faves include Rachael Craw, Markus Zusak, Kylie Fornasier, Kirsty Eagar, Jay Kristoff, Allyse Near, Melissa Keil and Claire Zorn.

And too many others to name, basically.

3. The Aussie YA book you grew up with

I mean, I didn’t really grow up with Aussie YA. If we’re talking Aussie MG, though, Paul Jennings and Andy Griffiths am I right?

4. Favourite Aussie YA book released in 2016



Look forward to my review soon. It’s gon be great.

5. Aussie debut you’re looking forward to.


Okay well I didn’t have time to take photos of Yellow on its own.

And actually it’s not a book I’m looking forward to because I’ve already read it and it was fantastic.

Sue me.

6. Favourite Aussie series

The Every series by Ellie Marney is literally the best Sherlock retelling you’ll ever read in your life.

every breath 1 every word proper every move

7. Unexpected Aussie YA surprise

forgetting foster 1

Forgetting Foster is an incredible portrait of Alzheimers for a young father, narrated by a seven-year-old boy.

michael and mina 1

When Michael Met Mina was SO GOOD. So descriptive of the Australian political climate, and just a really nice surprise.

8. Aussie YA book you’ll always recommend to others. 



I don’t have any photos of her other books (@ me: why) but you need to read them all. Because:

  1. All three of them made me cry.
  2. Western Sydney represent.


The Protected

The Sky So Heavy

One Would Think the Deep

9. An Aussie book on your TBR

Laurinda by Alice Pung has been on my TBR for sooooo long and I still haven’t got to it. Awkward. But hello, boarding school contemporary YA, sign me up.

10. Favourite Aussie YA bloggers


Cait @ Paper Fury

Julia @ Picnic Reads

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

And many, many, many, many others. Aussie YA bloggers are amazing, guys.


Check out the other incredible posts while you’re at it. I can guarantee you that they’ll be EXCELLENT. What are your favourite Aussie YA books?