As many of you know, I am a writer, and one of my works-in-progress is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland

At the moment, it’s titled Wanderland. Although who knows, I might think of a better title. But anyway, I figured that since I recently finished the third draft, I’d share some of my favourite snippets with you. You’re welcome. 

PS if you follow me on Twitter, I do occasionally share snippets there as well. 

1. Iridus


Iridus is where Alice and her brother Charlie first arrive, before they get to the “proper” Wanderland. 


2. Patch


Again in Iridus – this is Patch, one of my favourite characters, who is utterly and completely off her rocker.

3. The tea party



4. The instruction manual


5. Kangaroo Court



So those are some snippets of what I’ve been working on. 

I probably won’t have a chance to write until I’m finished uni for the year, BUT I do have grand plans. In my five-month break (whaaaaat?), these are my writing plans:

  • NaNoWriMo – Twelve Dancing Princesses murder mystery retelling, which I’m titling The Girls Who Were Danced to Pieces
  • Editing – working on How to Hug a Grizzly, my f/f contemporary romance
  • Jumanji horror retelling in a series of abandoned buildings
  • Hopefully getting Wanderland good enough to start querying to agents

So I’m hoping for like…maybe two of these things :’)

ALSO, I’m going to be fairly absent on this blog over the next couple of weeks. 

I have about a million assignments due, and I have a few group assignments that are the absolute worst. Couple that with interning, working and some semblance of a social life, and I don’t have much time left over for blogging. But you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram. 

Oh, plus, my incredibly amazing and creative friend Tash did a DIY Hogwarts robes video, featuring yours truly. You can see it below. 

She also made some wands. AND SHE GAVE THE ROBE TO ME. I have the greatest friends, seriously. 

Anyway, I hope you’re all reading fantastic books and having a good start to either spring or autumn. Let me know your favourite recent read in the comments 🙂