bullet journal 1

Now, I have been very MIA from the blogosphere/Twittersphere/socialmediasphere lately.

PART of the reason is that people keep calling in sick to work, so I’ve been doing extended shifts (hence I get home too late to blog).

ALSO part of the reason is that I’ve been fitting in lots of social things before my friends and I all start uni properly.

But a lot of the reason is that the other day, I went stationery shopping with a friend, spend an UNGODLY amount of money, and spent the next several hours setting up my bullet journal.

Though I’m not actually starting it yet, I thought you might like to see how I’ve set mine up.

First of all, supplies.

bullet journal 2


  • Something to write with
  • Something to write on

And…that’s pretty much it. I chose my journal (as pictured above) mostly because it was $3 at Woolworths. And then I made it pretty. I’m using an Artline felt-tip pen – all the back-to-school stuff is reduced to clear at Woolies so they’re a lot cheaper than usual, and the ink is really pretty.

OPTIONAL ( to make it prettier):

  • Washi tape (I found some at Officeworks – they’re about $3 a roll)
  • Highlighters/markers – I like highlighters because they don’t bleed through the page and you can write with ink on top of them

Yearly planner

bullet journal 3

I really like being able to see the WHOLE YEAR, so I printed out some calendars for each month. Later in the journal I have a bigger monthly calendar, but this yearly one is great for things you want to be sure of well ahead of time.

You can find this calendar at Coco and Mingo. Then I printed them smaller by telling my printer to print four pages per sheet of paper. Hey presto adorable miniature calendars.

This calendar is also very nice.

bullet journal 4

bullet journal 5

Then I have a contents page. The actual bullet journal has an index, so you can group different “themes” and easily find them, but I thought a contents would be more useful to me personally.

bullet journal 6

I left two pages for the contents – I may need more but I can put a second contents page later if I need to. The beauty of the bullet journal is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

Next spread is for my yearly goals and a key (or legend).

bullet journal 7

I don’t like lots of white space (I like clutter and chaos rather than minimalism) which is why I went and started drawing random things.

Here’s the key in more detail:

bullet journal 8 cropped

I’ve got a different shape for each “area” of my life so that it’s easy to distinguish (and I’ll probably end up using different coloured highlighters to distinguish as well. Then I’ve got more symbols for whether the task is completed, cancelled, forwarded (to the next day or whatever) or a priority.

And I figure if it doesn’t work, I’ll just make a new key.

I’ve also got a monthly planner.

bullet journal 9

I like being able to visualise things, so this is like a more in-depth version of the yearly calendar – it means I can easily see important dates during the month.

During March, for example, it’s mostly about uni starting.


Because I’ll definitely have time for this bullet journaling thing then.

I’m starting the “daily log” on the 1st March so that it’s kind of organised.

bullet journal 10

There are lots of ways to do this, but I think I’ll just separate my days with dotted lines, and stick some drawings/washi tape here and there.

And that’s what my bullet journal currently looks like! I’ll post again in a month so you can see how it’s going. Here are some of the amazing resources I used to get going:

What do you think – are you going to start? How do you organise your life?