In June I read sixteen books. 

To be fair, two were poetry. But still. That is a fair amount of books, and I wish I could say that I wasn’t reading to procrastinate, but I really really was. Still, I haven’t failed any subjects so I’m counting that as a win.

Here is a list of the books I read. 

Queer, There and Everywhere | It’s Not Like It’s a Secret | Crazy Rich Asians | Envelope Poems | Windfall | Exit, Pursued by a Bear | If Birds Fly Back | Wreck | Girl Out of Water | Ramona Blue | How to Make a Wish | Paradise Lost | Far From You | Waking Gods | Tash Hearts Tolstoy | If I Was Your Girl

I didn’t have any five-star reads, but here were my favourites: 

 Exit Pursued by a Bear  Waking Gods



If/when I sort myself out I’ll probably do some mini-reviews because I’m v. behind (on everything, basically). 

And then before I know it I’ll be back at uni, Y I K E S. It all goes too fast. 

Also, in the spirit of including things other than books, here is a recipe I tried this month. 

Find it here

It’s so cold at the moment and our hot water heater is on its way out which means that hot water is like a 50/50 chance. SO soup is very necessary. And you can pretty much add whatever vegetables you have. Definitely recommend. Noodles + soup = perfect combination.

June In Photos






Look, is anyone actually surprised that these are mostly pictures of my cats? Because you shouldn’t be. 

July Goals

Mainly in July the goal is O R G A N I S A T I O N. As in, getting my life together. As in, getting out of bed on the first alarm rather than the fourth (#struggles). ALSO, I’m submitting my book to the Ampersand Project so I’m hard at work finishing that, which is exciting. I read the first draft the other day and it was so shockingly bad I could hardly believe it. It’s come a long way. 

So that’s what my June’s been like. Cold, mainly. What are you planning on reading in July? And if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, please send me some warmth.