dsc06707November is over. Which means that I’ve finished writing my novel, THE GIRLS WHO WERE DANCED TO PIECES. 

If you want to read more about THAT one, you can do so here. 

Anyway, I’m going to be spending the next couple of months editing two other books, but I want to get started brainstorming a new first drafts. 

I can’t help myself. It’s a sickness. I’ll be editing my contemporary f/f romance, HOW TO HUG A GRIZZLYas well as my Alice in Wonderland retelling, WANDERLAND

But I need your help deciding which new idea to start writing. Because I’m indecisive.

Idea #1: the abandoned building Jumanji retelling. 


Basically, four teenagers start playing a board game. They’re transported to all of these different abandoned buildings which get steadily creepier. And they have to finish the board game – like in Jumanji. I’ve talked about this idea before and I think it could be really fun. 


– A very sassy narrator called Niamh

– Each of the four characters faces their own nightmares

– There’ll be really cool abandoned buildings, promise


abandoned abandoned-2

abandoned-3 abandoned-4

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Idea #2: 18yo becomes part of the jury in a murder trial. 


Basically I’m obsessed with Suits at the moment. I started thinking about jury duty and how you’re eligible from when you’re eighteen. So this 18yo boy in this story didn’t get into university, he’s not really sure what he’s doing with his life. But then he becomes part of the jury in a murder trial and everything turns upside down. It would maybe also be a modern Crucible which could be intriguing.


– The MC finding out things about the case that throw everything he knows out the window

– Some good old-fashioned courtroom drama

– A diverse jury cast which will be a lot of fun to write


gavel handcuffs

man man

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Idea #3: a mystery/adventure revolving around artists and their artworks. 


I find art really fascinating, and a lot of it is a mystery as well. I’m imagining maybe two teenagers travelling around discovering clues and paintings, breaking into art galleries, finding hidden Monet prints and Da Vinci inventions. Maybe a hint of magic too – stepping between paintings or something. 


– Monet’s Garden

– Da Vinci’s inventions

– Secrets

– Catacombs


gallery-2 gallery mona-lisa

SONY DSC monet inventions

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Idea #4: a cute story of four friends moving out of home for the first time


I’m still trying to move out with a couple of my friends, and it seems like there’s SO much room for a story there – all the trials and tribulations of being fully independent. I feel like it could be a really cute girly NA book, and I’d love to read something similar. Let me know if you have any recommendations for books like this!


– Baking, gardening, decorating the house

– Boyfriend (and girlfriend) dramas

– Lots of heartfelt D&Ms

– Some travel


friends friends-3



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Idea #5: Norse epic fantasy


This is one I’ve been tossing up for a whole. Basically it will involve Safiina the servant’s daughter, who is best friends with Kaatya (the queen’s daughter). It’ll involve a slightly altered version of Norse myth – so instead of Midgard you’ve got Myltavar. Instead of Ragnarok you’ve got Raeknarok, etc. 


– A land in the sky 

– Castles and secret passages

– The Tree of Life aka Ygdrasyl

– It’ll be really epic okay


world sky

yggdrasil sky-2 wmoan

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–  A retelling of Paradise Lost in the vein of His Dark Materials.

– A story about the actual Grimm brothers finding these stories, going through horrors and adventures, and changing the stories.

– A funny fantasy that subverts the genre, like Shrek and The Princess Bride

– Poetry retellings – I did a lot of poetry in year 12 English and I’d love to see something like Goblin Market or T S Eliot or Edgar Allen Poe poetry retold as a novel.

– Mermaids…that’s all. There are not enough mermaid books.

– A travel book. Although maybe I’ll write this after I go overseas for a year (it’s not ’til 2019 but I’m already excited).


I…have too many ideas and not enough time. So tell me, people – which one should I work on next? What are you currently writing (if you’re a writer)?