It is currently almost August. NaNoWriMo is not for three months. It appears that I am currently without a writing project and I don’t know what to do with myself. 

SO you guys are going to help me choose. Because the power of the masses and all that. 

I’m going to include some Pinterest aesthetics for all of these because it’s how I tend to get a feel for my books. 

Also they’re just darn pretty. 

Eleven Lemon Lane

This is going to be a SNOW WHITE-inspired book with eight university room-mates (all female). The protagonist, Snow, is ace, and studying nursing at university. Shenanigans include hiding a puppy from a rental inspection and dealing with Adulting Things. 



 Where the Dice Fall

Soooo you know Jumanji? It’ll be kind of like that, but the board game leads them to a bunch of different abandoned buildings where each of the characters faces their worst fear. I’ve never written a horror so it could be fun. Although perhaps “fun” is not the write word…


 The Snow Queen || Goblin Market retelling

In year twelve I wrote a story for English called MY NAME IS GERDA, which was a very dark retelling of The Snow Queen. You can read part one here and part two here if you’re interested. But anyway, we also studied Christina Rossetti in English, and I absolutely adored her poetry. Goblin Market is incredibly feminist for the time that it was written, and I really want to write about Lizzie and Laura, and how their love for each other makes them capable of anything…like, say, escaping the goblins and the Snow Queen. It’ll be very wintry and dark and with some Norse influence as well.


April is the Cruelest Month

This is one I’ve only recently started plotting. Dem is going to be my main character, and she’s kind of like a modern Demeter – she can grow anything she wants, and she has a kind of magical garden place that she goes to when everything is too much (think The Bridge to Terabithia). But after her sister dies everything in her garden withers, and it’s going to take a lot to grow everything back. And then she meets Saph.


So I want to hear your thoughts! Which book should I write next? I’m also really obsessing over retellings right now, so what’s a story you’d LOVE to see a retelling of?