So Hobbiton was a pretty amazing place. While on the tour, our guide told us that the record for most photos taken was 3000 (!!). While I didn’t take that many, I do have a bunch to share with you all. 

Hobbiton is not from from Matamata – about an hour’s drive from where we docked at Akaroa. It’s a really nice scenic drive, and when we got there it was pretty incredible. I’ll intersperse the pics with some commentary.

Fun fact #1: Peter Jackson didn’t like the look of the local sheep, so he imported sheep with black faces to replace them.

(I got so many weird looks for taking book photos. #worthit)


Fun fact #2: during filming, there was a no-fly zone over the set.

Fun fact #3: this tree is actually fake, and each leaf was attached individually.





Fun fact #4: some frogs were removed from a pond because they were too noisy during filming. Apparently they returned the next day.

Fun fact #5: during Bilbo’s party scene, actors were given real alcohol and told to drink as much as they liked (for authenticity). They weren’t told that it was only 1% alcohol. 


Anyway, I highly recommend going if you’re in New Zealand! It’s a beautiful place, and it was great to watch the beginning of The Hobbit and recognise all of these buildings. 

I feel like I need to read all the books again now, but I mean…my TBR is ridiculous enough as it is. 

Then when we were in Wellington, we went on a Lord of the Rings tour. 

This first lot is from outside the Weta Workshop. We weren’t allowed to take pics inside because of copyright reasons, but we got to find out some really, really cool behind-the-scenes stuff, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


We then went to Mt Victoria, which, in Fellowship, is where Frodo and co. hide from the ring wraiths.

Our tour guide for this section – Kent – was also fantastic, since he played one of the Uruk-Hai in LOTR, and the stunt double and body double of Bombur in the Hobbit movies. He had some great behind-the-scenes info to share. 




Source // Backpacker Guide NZ

Both were really excellent tours, and they definitely show off some of New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes.

I’ll have to come back, that’s for sure. 

Have you ever been on any bookish tours, or to any bookish places? Let me know in comments!