North Carolina vs. South Carolina: What to Know Before Moving

The Carolinas have been divided for the last three hundred years, and in all that time, they’ve never stopped being embroiled in a strong competition for which is best.

North Carolina boasts its strong emphasis on learning history, while South Carolina is better known for its strong job market. So, which is the better place to live?

The Property Costs

Thanks to the multiple military bases and large cities, North Carolina is slightly pricier to live in. However, although South Carolina can also be expensive, they’re both far less costly than the national average.

This means that even if you look at Charlotte houses for sale, some of the most expensive between the two states: you’ll still find something incredibly affordable.

The Culture

North Carolina’s culture shifts from area to area, with the coastal attitude far different from the mountains: but South Carolina’s is far more constant. This means that if you’re looking for an area that feels the same throughout, you should move to South Carolina.

If you’re not afraid of change and multiple cultures and experiences, however, North Carolina is the state for you. Thanks to various military installations in North Carolina and the amazing outer banks that feel like paradise year-round.

The Weather

Both states get snow in their mountainous regions, but in the summer, most of South Carolina has a far denser humidity level, rarely dropping below 85%. For those who aren’t used to thick heat, this can feel like you’re suffocating in hot weather and is highly uncomfortable.

Once you get used to it, this extra moisture is great for keeping your skin hydrated, but it can be a lot to take on when you first move to the area.

The Food

The food in these states is the stuff of legends! Both have competitively delicious seafood, incredible barbecue, and fantastic dishes that you can’t find anywhere else: but the competition still stands for these.

The barbecue debate between these two states is thick, even though most of the country lumps Carolina barbecue into one category. North Carolina’s sauce is generally more ketchup-based, and South Carolina’s is more mustard-based, and this has left a huge rift between the two.

Where They’re Similar

These states are far more similar than they’ll admit. Both are stretching over large swaths of land from the beaches to the Smoky Mountains, and offering different types of living from city to beach-side, you’ll be amazed at how much they have in common. 

Each has its pocket cities that feel like a hipster’s paradise and its own flavor of fun that you can’t find anywhere else. Although these states define themselves by their differences, they’re incredibly similar.

The Carolinas Are Incredible to Call Home

From their largely varied landforms to the incredible cultures that they share and that set them apart, either of the Carolinas can feel amazing to live in.

Whether you’re moving here for city living, or you want to enjoy a taste of the wild side, consider one of these great states for your next home.

From their largely varied landforms to the incredible cultures that they share and that set them apart, either of the Carolinas can feel amazing to live in, especially if you’re someone who loves to play on sites with no deposit bonus non gamstop.