march happenings

I’m beginning to understand why the March Hare is so mad, because this month has been absolutely CRAZY. 

As most of you know, first of all it was the month that I started university. It’s only been two weeks but I’ve finished my first two assignments.

(Who’d have thought that 400-word assignments would be harder than my 2000-word high school assignments?)

So uni is a lot of work, a lot of typing, and a whole lot of fun. 

I’m enjoying it immensely, in other words.

I ended up getting way past my goal of 300 Instagram followers (I have almost 500 now). I rewrote some of my novel (not as much as I’d hoped, but I’m going easy on myself – uni is a huge change!). And I had some absolutely spectacular times with my friends, whether it was going for midnight frozen yoghurt or trying to figure out Skype.

As you can probably guess from the title, I also bought myself a new Macbook! I’m pretty much destitute now but it’s so worth it. My old laptop was too bulky to lug to uni, so now when I have those four-hour breaks (god help me) I can get some writing/blogging done! Plus it’s just so FAST.

In terms of books…

me before you yellow how not to disappear good oil  thanks for the trouble

eldest hour of the bees the first time she drowned when we collided


The First Time She Drowned was absolutely incredible – it’s about this really messed-up mother-daughter relationship and friends and learning to believe in yourself. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Yellow (which is an Aussie YA book, get on it, guys) was also great. It has a kind of paranormal sub-plot and it’s about a low-income family, ghosts, and this gorgeous protagonist called Kirra. I’ll also be reviewing this one soon.

When We Collided was great because 1) food and 2) JONAH, who looks after his little siblings and is adorable.

Still no five-star reads this month, though 🙁


Unfortunately, How Not to Disappear was incredible irksome.

Thanks for the Trouble was one I didn’t actually rate, but I was really mad about it.

I also promised to show you guys my bullet journal after a month, so here are some of the pages in it. 

march 1 march 2

march 3 march 4

march 5 thumb_IMG_3368_1024

I’ve been BRANCHING OUT, recently, and writing book quotes or titles and then decorating them. It’s a nice stress relief that I do when I come home from uni at 8 o’clock at night. And I guess some people would say it’s a waste of time, but for me, this kind of relaxation means that I can actually function with the things that I need to concentrate on.

Honestly I’m amazed that I’ve managed to keep it up this long, but I’m having so much fun I can’t see myself stopping. 

Lately on Bookstagram…

thumb_IMG_3119_1024 thumb_IMG_3132_1024

#seaofbooks // a great reading view from my uni’s Alumni Green

thumb_IMG_3224_1024 thumb_IMG_3359_1024

Lady Midnight, which I hope to be able to read soon // Ingo, one of my childhood books

Basically it’s been a hectic but exciting month. 

My friend who lives in Canberra came up for Easter weekend which was really good, since I haven’t seen her for a month. This uni thing is really strange because before, I was used to seeing my friends 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. We still make an effort to stay in contact but it’s definitely different not seeing them as much!

What was your March like? Are you excited for spring/autumn (depending on where you are)? What did everyone think of Lady Midnight? OH and (as if that’s not enough questions) if you have a bullet journal, I’d love to see pictures 🙂