In March I went back to university. 

For anyone who’s new here (*waves*), I’m studying a Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations and Digital + Social Media, as well as International Studies, majoring in France. So my degree is 5 years. One of those years I’ll be studying in France. That’s 2019. It seems to be coming very quickly. Yikes. 

But first let’s look at my book haul for the month. 

(pls don’t mind the awful quality of these photos…long story)

HOLD STILL – this one’s by Nina LaCour, one of my favourite authors – it’s a backlist title so it was a little tricky to get hold of it, but I’m glad to have it in my possession. I recently read it and it’s really great. It’s all about the MC Caitlin trying to get her life back together after her best friend’s suicide. There’s photography and a treehouse and diary entries and it’s really excellent. Sad, though.

CHARISMA – This one is by the author of Nerve. I haven’t actually read Nerve. But anyway this is apparently part medical thriller, part social justice commentary so it looks good.

ALEX APPROXIMATELY – this actually looks so cute. It’s a contemporary romance, and I loved NIGHT OWLS by the same author so I’m excited. 

TALES OF THE GREEK HEROES – this is another one in my Puffin Classics collection (and btw, I post about them ALL THE TIME on my Instagram so make sure you’re following me there)

REMIND ME HOW THIS ENDS – I got a finished copy to go with my ARC of this wonderful book. Gabrielle Tozer is an incredibly talented #LoveOzYA author and I’ll be reviewing this one in a couple of days. Great for those fresh out of high school who are struggling with what to do with their lives. 

A LITTLE PRINCESS – Another to go with my collection. They’re just so adorable. And I used to love this book when I was little!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND PETER PAN – these two gorgeous books are by Minalima studios (who also do graphics for the Harry Potter movies). They have tons of interactive elements and there are only three in the collection so definitely worth starting! The last one is The Jungle Book which I can hopefully buy soon. 

Aaaaand here are the books I read in March: 




(covers go to Goodreads)



My review of The Hate U Give.

My review of This Adventure Ends. 

QUEENS OF GEEK was absolutely incredible – geeky and with excellent rep (#ownvoices rep of anxiety, bisexuality and autism) and female friendship and just…gah. So good. 

THE INEXPLICABLE LOGIC OF MY LIFE was just what I’ve come to expect from Bejamin Alire Saenz – absolutely touching with the most incredible writing and family. Veerrryyyy similar to Ari and Dante, though.

Honourably mentions to NIGHT SWIMMING and 10 THINGS I CAN SEE FROM HERE for also being excellent. And RADIO SILENCE was a reread so obviously it’s a five-star masterpiece. 



SEVEN DAYS OF YOU was set in Japan with a 99% white cast. It was not great. 

NOWHERE NEAR YOU is the sequel to Because You’ll Never Meet Me. I wasn’t such a fan of the first one, and even less so with this one unfortunately.

Anticipated April releases


Honestly there aren’t a TON of my anticipated books coming out this month (there are like a billion in May, though). Still, these three are ones I’m looking forward to – covers go to Goodreads.

In other news I chopped my hair.

Every so often I get bored with long hair (it was halfway down my back) and decide to chop half of it off. The weird thing is that it actually takes MORE effort, because I can’t just whack it in a bun and call it a day. But it’s good fun.

Obviously you guys want to hear ALLLLL about my uni classes.

This semester I have three subjects. 

FOUNDATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES – this subject is so interesting! There are a bunch of different topics, like colonialism, economic globalisation, Indigenous rights and so on. Although it’s from 6-8pm on a Monday night and there’s a quiz right at the end which I think is just cruel. But our tutor is a Mexican-Australian woman with silver hair who rides a motorbike and is just my idol. 

FRENCH 1 – French is so intense, honestly. Our tutor Irwin (Eer-vin apparently) speaks in French for 99% of the class. The textbook is also all in French. But I feel like I’m learning a lot??? 

STRATEGIC PUBLIC RELATIONS – also an intense subject. This semester we have to find a Real Life Client and create a communications campaign based around a particular problem or opportunity for that client. Scary stuff. I’ll let you know how I go!

I think that’s it for this month. I’m trying to organise myself better so that I don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time scrolling through my various socials. The thought of Easter chocolate is motivating me, not going to lie.

Basically the next month is going to be absolutely hectic and you may be seeing less of me around here. I’m so behind on blog comments it’s ridiculous. BUT I will of course be on Twitter and Instagram because I’d like to see somebody TRY and take me away. 

What was your favourite March read? Any upcoming reads I should be looking out for?