loony blurbs yet again lol

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll probably have heard of Loony Blurbs.

For a while it was a link-up and then I forgot about it, started it again…

…forgot about it again.

ANYWAY, I think for a while I won’t make it a link-up, just until I get some of you folks interested enough.

(be interested)

(it’s great)

So for now it’s going to be just me making up loony blurbs. Huzzah! Basically, how it works is that I take a title from a book and use that as a basis for a blurb.

On with the show.


THE SQUARE ROOT OF SUMMER by Harriet Reuter Hapgood // Goodreadsthe square root of summer

In the kingdom of La Saison, Harriet is charged with a mission – to find the Four Shapes of the Seasons.

First, the Rhomboid Icicle of Winter.

Then the Circular Grass of Spring.

The Kite Leaf of Autumn.

And finally, the most dangerous of them all…the Square Root of Summer.


THE SMELL OF OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock // Goodreadsthe smell of other people's houses

Some houses smell like ginger, some like warm, dry socks. Bonnie is recruited by the CIA (Centaur Intelligence Agency) to seek out houses that smell like gumdrop buttons, because they’re searching…

Searching for the Muffin Man.

(Of course, if they’d looked in the Yellow Pages they would have found him on Drury Lane, but let’s not deny the centaurs their drama)


THE FIRST TIME SHE DROWNEDΒ  by Kerry Kletter // Goodreads

the first time she drownedKerry doesn’t like drowning. It gets tiresome. Every time she wants to visit the Mer world, she has to drown – lungs gasping, every cell in her body screaming for air – dead for a few minutes before her body remembers how to breathe water. Every time, it comes closer to killing her.

But the first time she drowned, Kerry discovered a world she would never forget. She has to go back – even if it kills her.


THE MUSEUM OF HEARTBREAK by Meg Leder // Goodreads

the museum of heartbreakMeg likes to call it “The Museum of Angst.” Right in the middle of Sydney, it contains unused baby shoes, love letters never delivered and urns full of ashes. All kinds of heartbreak. All kinds of love.

Meg likes to visit the Museum, though, despite her cynicism. There’s a certain comfort in things that are lost, and when she one day finds a letter from someone who could be her mother, it suddenly becomes much more important.

With the help of the Museum curator, Meg follows a trail of clues that may just lead her to her mother.


SUMMER SKIN by Kirsty Eagar // Goodreads

summer skinEach summer, Kirsty reinvents herself.

One year, she’s in Brazil, living with an eccentric owner of a magic shop. The next, she’s in Japan, in a boarding school for students gifted at technology. She’s worn many skins, many faces, many names.

That’s mainly because she’s an assassin, and murder is generally frowned upon wherever she goes. But this year, she’s wearing the most dangerous skin of all: she’s back to being Kirsty, back with her family…

Tasked with the murder of her supposedly corrupt father, who may not be who he seems.



THE GIRL WHO FELL by Shannon M. Parker // Goodreads

the girl who fellShannon has problems that most teenagers don’t tend to have.

Namely, that she’s actually Satan. She used to be an angel but had a bit of a disagreement with the Man Upstairs – now she’s been cast out and made to traverse high school.

She has to work out a way to get back to Heaven – but to do that she needs to convince someone of her story. And in hipster Newtown, where atheism is the new cool, that’s not going to be easy.


SO what’d you think of my blurbs? Would you join if I made it a link-up again (one of these days)? And do you ever imagine different stories based on what the titles suggest?