loony blurbs again

I’ve been so bad at keeping up with Loony Blurbs, honestly.

But in my defence, I’ve been busy with the whole last year of school thing. BUT ANYWAY, if you’re not aware, Loony Blurbs is where we make up blurbs based ONLY on book titles. It’s usually a monthly link up, but I think it’ll probably change to every two months, just because there are so many awesome things to do!

This month’s theme is 2015 release titles, just because I felt like it. Because I’m omnipotent here. My link-up, my rules.

Haha. I can’t even take myself seriously when I say stuff like that. BUT ANYWAY, what you do is you read my awesome blurbs, and then you link up sometime during June, and write some blurbs for your own blog. Most people use the same titles, but you’re PERFECTLY WELCOME to use your own if you wish.

Oh, and how do you like the new banner? I figured that since these books are not where they belong (and neither are the blurbs), it was quite fitting.

Anyway, enough chat. Let’s go!

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler

the summer of chasing mermaids

Sarah is not a Ghostbuster. She’s not chasing demons. No, Sarah’s been commissioned by the Authority of the Extraordinary to hunt down mermaids. Two of them, specifically.

They’re both boys, it turns out. And they both have eyes the colour of sapphires. Eyes that look deep into her soul.

How on Earth is she going to manage not to fall in love with them???

This is a love triangle like no other.


Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle

pieces of sky

The sky is falling. That’s nothing new. I mean, climate change, right?

But as it turns out, it’s not just climate change that’s screwing things up. When Trinity finds a piece of the sky on one of her bush walks, she’s transported for just an instant to another world. The instant was enough.

These pieces of sky are not from Earth at all.

The worlds are colliding. Would that be such a bad thing?

Well, yes, because if people from Earth can’t handle different skin colours Trinity doesn’t know how they’ll handle aliens.


The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore

the weight of feathers

Anna’s barely recovering from an eating disorder when she discovers the Feathers, a lost breed of Faerie living in floating cities high above the trees.

She discovers a lot of things. Family. Friendship.

Her wings.

And suddenly she’s a different kind of weightless.



A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria E. Scwab

a darker shade of magic

Victoria knows that there are lots of different shades of magic. After all, she’s the daughter of Maggie Schwab, the most renowned magic-chef in the world.

Victoria’s trying out a magic recipe one day when everything goes wrong. Raw magic would have been fine. Slightly burnt magic would have been okay.

But somehow she’s managed to create dark magic.

This could be disastrous.



Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray

ten thousand skies

Dante said there were different levels of Hell, but he never said anything about Heaven.

The gods are fighting. They live on level 9,999 of the Cosmic Apartment. Earth, of course, is the lowly Ground Floor.

But somehow Claudia manages to find her way to an abandoned elevator in the middle of the forest. And when she presses button 10,000, who knows where she’ll end up?

This is The Faraway Tree crossed with Percy Jackson for modern readers.


I think I’m a bit rusty with my blurbs. Or at least, I’m changing moods and genres like nobody’s business, but it was fun, at least! Will you be linking up? Excited for these books?

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