April was an intense month, not going to lie. 

Here are some of the things that occured: 

– The builders out the front of our house destroyed our internet cables for the THIRD TIME and we’ve now been without wi-fi for a month (kill me)

– My debit card was used overseas – $400 from Walmart??? Like?? Why???

– Many assignments !! Many!!

– I had a group presentation where one of the group members deferred uni three days before it was due (and also, our presentation COULD have been as late as week 12, but of COURSE it was week 7…that’s the way my luck is going recently)

– I was supervising at Woolworths and we broke the roller door for the front of the store, so I was there until 11, and then started at 9 the next day for an 11-hour shift

But to be fair I did read some very good books


Covers go to Goodreads!






I didn’t actually have any five-star reads this month, but these ones came very close! THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS was beautiful and magical and amazing. BEGIN END BEGIN was such an incredible anthology and I’m constantly amazed at the talent of Australian authors. THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED was a really adorable contemporary with a ton of diversity and also cookie dough. GROWING UP ASIAN IN AUSTRALIA was ANOTHER anthology I read and loved – stories that are sad, funny, inspiring and everything in between. STRANGE THE DREAMER was out-of-this-world and brilliant. 


This one was problematic AF and I don’t recommend reading it (I hadn’t heard about any of the problematic stuff before ordering it, and I wish I’d waited a bit longer).


There weren’t too many books in April I was anticipating, but MAY HAS SO MANY. Here’s my complete shelf if you’re wondering. 



I…may have already ordered three of these. 

 I hope you’ve all had a fabulous April! Which books are you looking forward to?