chapter twenty

Snazzy Snippets is back!

If you’re new here and have no idea what the heck I’m going on about, click the drop-down box to find out all about this link-up.


What is Snazzy Snippets for?

It’s an opportunity for writers! Every two months, we post a prompt or question for you to share a snippet of less than 500 words. It’s designed to let you have fun, analyse your work on a smaller level, or just write something to join in. If you’re not a writer, or aren’t working on anything, don’t go back up the rabbit hole just yet. Read everyone’s wonderful snippets on the linky!

Who are you guys, anyway?

Me (Emily): I’m an Australian blogger and writer. I mainly write contemporary YA fiction. Since I’m always sharing snippets of my writing on Twitter and my blog, I wanted to give others a chance to!

Alyssa: I’m a Hong Kong blogger and YA writer. I write diverse and empowered girls in worlds of magic, madness and murder. I post monthly #WatchMeWrite videos on my blog, and I love to read other online writers’ works. So here we are!

Who can participate and what can I post?

Post anything, so long as it pertains to the prompt/question and is under 500 words! (We won’t kill you if it’s a bit over, of course, but we may frown.) It can be something you wrote at 3 AM the night before or a passage you’ve been slaving over for months. And of course, it has to be your own writing. Plagiarism isn’t snazzy.

I have the BEST idea for a snippet prompt/question.

Wonderful! Tweet or email Emily (@theloonytuney, emily.mead3[at] or Alyssa (@AlyssaC_HK, alyssa.carlier[at], and we’ll do our best to include your idea in a future Snazzy Snippets post!


Alright so, without further ado, here are the prompts – 1) a snippet from something you wrote more than 2 years ago.

story 2

Let us go back to the dark ages of 2006, when I was nine and already deep into my Harry Potter obsession.

Including Harry Potter notebooks. And I wrote stories in this notebook by my pen name, Emily J. Mead.

story 1

Good old Mr and Mrs Katandra and their lottery winnings. It’s a thrilling story. \

story 3

Noodle was a witch’s cat, apparently. I didn’t read much further because I was cringing too hard.

2. A snippet where characters consider their backstory.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.59.13 PM
now kiss
This is from my WIP How to Hug a Grizzly. WIP is supposed to stand for “Work in Progress” but I have been WOEFULLY bad at…actually writing. What can I say, binge-watching GoT takes priority.
Also, the nightmares about the Basilisk eyes totally weren’t inspired by my own experiences.
3. A snippet featuring a child.
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 7.05.37 PM
Yeah, I don’t know what I was smoking while writing this book.
This is Wanderland, by the way (my Alice in Wonderland retelling).
I’m supposed to be writing a third draft but, again…GoT.
i can't help myself
It’s a sickness, it really is.
Anyway, as usual, here’s the linky linkster that you can link up with.
 I’d love to hear about your forays into writing when you were younger! For example, I was a pretentious dingbat who wrote “other books by Emily Mead” at the end of my stories. Props to my Nanna for helping me thread them with ribbon and not disinheriting me.