So life got hectic there. 

Between working usually five days a week + uni + reading + blogging + socialising + running, it was kind of overwhelming.

(not that that’s affected my Instagram output)

(I regret nothing)

Also, I had to go into hiding because my sister told everyone about my blog. If you’re reading this, Hi Nanna! *waves*

ANYWAY, before I get to the good giveaway stuff, here’s a quick run-down of the books I’ve been reading: 

michael one would think the deep the memory of light the special ones pointe

(click to go to Goodreads)

WHEN MICHAEL MET MINA – good old-fashioned Aussie racism and the halal terrorist conspiracy – will debunk any dumb misconceptions about “illegal” asylum-seekers (four stars)// ONE WOULD THINK THE DEEP – SO AUSTRALIAN – surfing and lots of slang and set in the ’90s. Claire Zorn is amazing, basically (four stars) // THE MEMORY OF LIGHT – hands-down the best and most honest portrayal of mental illness I’ve read (four stars) // THE SPECIAL ONES – CULTS. I stayed in the bath for about two and a half hours reading the whole thing – I turned into a prune but it was worth it. (five stars) // POINTE – ballet and kidnapping and abuse and GAH, so good. (four stars)

WOW, okay, so all of them are four or five stars. Good reading choices, me. *self five*

Life updates: 

  • Out of my three assignments I’ve got back, I’ve got three distinctions. Killin’ it, just saying.
  • Started running. Not sure when my brain’s going to catch up and tell me it’s a terrible idea, but I’m enjoying it so far. Even a bookworm’s got to have some Vitamin D.
  • Started a personal Instagram so you guys can be jealous of all the cool things I’m doing. And the food. Let’s be real.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.33.43 PM

  • Rearranged my bookshelves. It took several hours, much swearing, and several near topplings.

bookshelf 1

(this lighting is why I don’t take photos in my room, people. It’s shocking)

bookshelf 2

#loveozya shelf!

bookshelf 3

Harry Potter shelf!

So now it’s the fun part – the giveaway!

This giveaway comes in three sections. And we’re celebrating the fact that I’ve reached 1k followers on Instagram, and 1500 on Twitter. I’ve had Insta for a fraction of the time I’ve had Twitter, but there you go.

Giveaway 1 – YA book of your choice from Book Depository. 

*Up to $20 Australian. I know, so generous.

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Giveaway 2 – a soap of your choice from the fabulous Gina @ Behind the Pages.

You can choose one of her new book boyfriend soaps (!!!). She has a bazillion to choose from and I think they’re such a great idea. Don’t tell my friends, they think I’m enough of a freak.



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Giveaway 3 – a mini book necklace from the fabulous Cait @ Paper Fury.

mini book necklace

Cait is a fantastic writerly friend of mine and I mean, obviously you’ve all heard of her because it’s not like she’s quiet online. Go our Aussie creators!

All the info here.


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General giveaway rules: 

  • Open internationally, as shipping allows.
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Nor are Gina and Cait.
  • Must be over 13 to enter or have parents’ permission.
  • No cheating (I do check!).
  • Head over to my Instagram for more details. 

Alright, that’s about it! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour (don’t forget there are more chances to win on my Instagram). What’s everyone been up to? Read any good books lately?