I was so not expecting to love this book.

I read so many contemporaries that it’s difficult for them to stand out. Many end up as 3-stars. BUT THIS BOOK. I have a list of things I loved about it. 

Basically, it’s about a girl (Sloane) who moves from NY to Florida, finds some brilliant new friends, and becomes involved in trying to track down a painting by their late mother that was accidentally sold. 

1. The cover. 

Because, I mean, how could I NOT judge this book by its cover? Those beautiful green-y blues. The swirling pattern. The stars. GORGEOUS. 

This is what I think of as a Bookstagram book. 

(it’s also so pretty naked?? Like who designed this gorgeous book??)

2. Fandom and fan-fiction.

So Sloane’s dad (she’s the main character btw) is a writer, and he’s in a bit of an extended slump so he begins reading fan-fiction. Specifically, fan-fiction of a series that kind of sounds like a mixture of Teen Wolf and Harry Potter. I can get on-board with that. I loved all the fandom and fan-fiction references. 

3. All of the dad jokes.

Sloane’s dad was actually one of my favourite characters in this one. And I LOVED that the parental figures weren’t dead/missing/absent/etc. because it added a really nice dynamic that you don’t get in a lot of YA. All of their interactions were hilarious. 

4. Really great friendships with excellent banter. 

Look, I love banter. Many of my friendships are just about how much we can insult each other. #love

Sloane, Vera and Gabe – as well as some other side characters – go through a lot of rough patches, but I loved seeing their friendship grow. Some of their exchanges are laugh-out-loud hysterical. 

Also, Vera is like a social media goddess, so that was really interesting to read about.

There were only a couple of things I wasn’t a fan of. 

Like, there were so many loose threads of the story that never quite tied together. Nothing was really made of Vera’s social media stardom, or the school radio show, or Sloane’s new job. They kind of went…nowhere? If that makes sense? So I think it needed a little more direction. But that’s a small complaint. 

Overall a very real, very funny contemporary. 

Brilliant characterisation and humour and just…read it, people. 

Sloane isn’t expecting to fall in with a group of friends when she moves from New York to Florida—especially not a group of friends so intense, so in love, so all-consuming. Yet that’s exactly what happens.

Sloane becomes closest to Vera, a social-media star who lights up any room, and Gabe, Vera’s twin brother and the most serious person Sloane’s ever met. When a beloved painting by the twins’ late mother goes missing, Sloane takes on the responsibility of tracking it down, a journey that takes her across state lines—and ever deeper into the twins’ lives.


Thanks to Pan Macmillan for the review copy! This Adventure Ends released in Australia on the 28th Feb. 

Have you ever read or written fan-fiction? Been in any fandoms (should be everyone, right)? I want to hear all about it!