Pondicherry is a beautiful French colonial settlement in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Comprising of beautiful beaches, a pretty French colony, serene Auroville and ethnic French cuisine, Pondicherry attracts travelers from all over the world. The best time to visit Pondicherry is from July to September. Those who love to soak in the rain, this is the best time to let your hair down and experience the lush-green landscape of Pondicherry. 


  1. Paradise Beach

The beach is located 7 km from the city center of Pondicherry. Paradise beach offers a variety of beach sports like volleyball, jet skiing and paragliding.  There are beautiful shacks located on the beach offering delicious coastal cuisine. So, if you don’t feel like indulging in any beach water sports, you can relax on the beach, sip on a fresh coconut and enjoy the views. After a long day at the beach, you can enjoy some online gambling with no deposit bonus from the comfort of your accommodations.

  1. French Colony

The southern state of Tamil Nadu was once ruled by the French, and as off today, there is a colony established by the French in the center of the town, with the names of the roads, cafes, cuisine and French people living there feels like you have visited a replica of France. Some of the famous cafes in the French colony are café des Arts, le bistro du parc and rendezvous café restaurant.

  1. Arikamedu

A famous archaeological site, situated 4 km from the Indian territory of Pondicherry. It was an ancient roman trade center. The roman treasure trail and Arikamedu river cruise is an experience you would not want to miss.

  1. Pondicherry Museum

The museum is a history lover’s treat. Situated in the French colony, It has a collection of rare bronze and stone sculptures of the Pallava and Chola dynasty, artifacts excavated from Arikamedu, ancient rocks, and a library.

  1. Auroville and Aurobindo Ashram

Every traveler dreams of visiting the Aurobindo ashram once in a life time. The world famous ashram attracts humongous travelers because of its enticing environment of tranquility.

Auroville is “the city of dawn”, people from all over the world go to Auroville to experience divine consciousness. Mantrimandir, a beautiful golden shrine designed by the French is the main center of attraction in Auroville, travelers opt for staying at the shrine for some hours to meditate and experience the state of trance.

A 3 day trip to Pondicherry will leave you feeling refreshed, content and the experience at Auroville is priceless. So, think no more, plan and execute a trip to this lovely town of southern India.