It’s nothing new that we all have busy lives. 

Many of us are working, studying, parenting, etc. etc. There’s always something we have to do, and with increasingly interactive entertainment choices, it seems a lot easier to play Candy Crush than crack open a book. 

Sometimes I’ve read a whole chapter and then I realise I haven’t taken any of it in. 

Are we so goal-oriented and productivity-obsessed with READING a book becomes more about FINISHING a book? I don’t want to think so, but occasionally it seems to be true. 

(ps this blog post is going to be full of old Insta pics that accurately represent this discussion. You’re all welcome)

I think part of the problem – for me, anyway – is that I don’t DNF books. 

(which, for those not IN THE KNOW, stands for Did Not Finish – when you give up on a book because it’s shite)

When I’m not enjoying a book, I kind of zone out, and it becomes about finishing the book – getting to the end rather than enjoying myself. Which is dumb when you think about it, because reading is meant to be a hobby, not a chore. 

I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes reading becomes more about getting ahead of the Goodreads challenge, or getting on top of a TBR, than actually for reading itself. 

Another problem is that I BUY too many books. But since I’m not willing to limit my expenditure (lack of self-control is my aesthetic), I have to think of other ways to fix this.

I’m definitely a fast reader. And sometimes “fast” becomes “skimming” because I’ve trained myself well for university. 

I don’t have time to read 30-page journal articles about communicative ecologies. At least not word-for-word. So I’ve become very good at skimming to find the information I need. Which comes in VERY handy in university, but not so much for reading books where every word is often like poetry.

In this day and age, everything is fast. So I have to remind myself that I’m not actually racing against anyone. Reading is my hobby and I want to enjoy it rather than make it a contest. 

(me trying to balance my TBR like)

For me, fitting reading/writing into my schedule takes a bit of organisation.

And organisation is something I’m trying to be better at, actually, because I swear the amount of time I waste looking at memes is getting ridiculous. But that’s another story. 

A big thing I’m going to try is designating part of my day where I don’t use social media. SHOCK HORROR, I know. My life is basically social media. But I used to do it in high school – for three hours every evening – and it did wonders for my productivity. God, I was so studious back in those days…

I feel like when my phone is next to me and I’m reading, I get distracted incredibly easily. And I can never concentrate on my book properly because…notifications. (HOW MANY LIKES DOES MY PICTURE HAVE????)

So now I want to hear from you guys. Do you DNF books? Do you think you read too quickly? Does anyone take regular social media breaks? Please halp.