Like a lot of people, I was a little disappointed by Caraval, but there’s still a lot to enjoy about it.

The problem with hype is that it gets so out-of-hand your expectations will NEVER be met, which is what happened with me and Caraval. But anyway, I’ll tell you guys all about that further on. 

The thing that stands out about Caraval is the magic. 

There’s something almost Alice in Wonderland-ish about it – an old-timey feel where everything is possible, but with a darker edge that’s explored throughout the book. There’s a lot of colour and visual descriptions, which were SO gorgeous. 

“Inside the house, violin music, richer than the darkest chocolate, started playing.”

The world that’s created in this book is really incredible, so I loved that aspect of it.

I do like that there was a fantastic sister relationship. 

TBH if it were one of my sisters I’d probably just leave them to fend for themselves (lol) but the dedication Scarlett had to saving Tella was so lovely. 

Unfortunately, despite the beautiful writing/atmosphere and the sister dynamic, I never really connected with the story or the characters. 

It was kind of a “it’s not you, it’s me” deal. Which always seems to happen to me with fantasy books – it takes a really incredible fantasy to get me hooked. But that’s okay! The reason so many amazing books can be published is that we all like different things. 

(and plus, hello, this book is gorgeous)

What did you guys think of it? Loved it? Tolerated it? Read it while on a cruise through New Zealand? (oh sorry, that was me) Also, what are you all currently reading?