book haul

In a surprising turn of events, today’s blog post is about books. 


I seem to have gone slightly crazy in the last few weeks, because I have a LOT of new books.


My mum justifies her pot-plant-buying addiction by saying that she doesn’t smoke and can therefore use money on pot plants. So I’ve decided to go with that logic.

book haul 1


Because hello I need this book in my life. 


I went to the book launch for Nevernight (more on that later) and now I have a shiny signed copy. Pity they weren’t selling the hardbacks. 


I’ve already reviewed this one and it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and you need to read it.


I’m reading this one now (when I’m not reading Nevernight) and I love it! It’s so fluffy and it reminds me of both The Intern (the Aussie one by Gabrielle Tozer) and The Devil Wears Prada.

book haul 2


This one arrived today and it’s SO GORGEOUS. It’s about conjoined twins apparently?? Anyway I needed more purple books. #noregrets


I mean, I’ve heard mixed things about this one – it’s about a “death-with-dignity” cruise organised by the MC’s grandmother – but still…it looks interesting. Thanks to Hachette for this one!


I’ve already read this but 1) it was a library copy and 2) it wasn’t the illustrated version. This edition is SO GORGEOUS. 


I’ve already read this and it was kind of meh, honestly. That’s the problem with short story anthologies – some are AMAZING and some are awful. 


Louise O’Neill’s books are horrifying but omg, so important. Kind of hesitant to read this but I know it will be brilliant.


This sounds like a really lovely middle grade with magic, depression and lots more. I’m excited because I love middle grade.

Part Two – New Shelves!

shelves 1

I don’t think I’ll ever have enough shelves to make me happy, but thank goodness I’ve now got two more…things were getting drastic. I’ve been assured that these two shelves above my bed are installed VERY securely so that they don’t behead me while I’m sleeping.

(perish the thought)

shelves 3

At the moment I’ve stacked the shelves with my hardbacks and (some of) my TBR. Not sure if I’m happy with it yet but I’ll keep rearranging.

It also means I don’t have to double-stack my other bookshelf which is nice.

Part 3 – Bookstagram Challenge


FAQ (of questions that I’ve just made up)

Do I have to use Australian books?

Nope! You can use whatever books you like. But if you DO have any Aussie favourites, we’d love you to showcase them. 

Do I have to participate every day?

Also nope! You can choose which challenge days to participate in. Just use the hashtag #AusYAChallenge so that we can find your photos. #LoveOzYA is also a good hashtag to use.

What the heck is girt by sea?

“Girt by sea” is a charming phrase in our national anthem that means “surrounded by sea.” So you can do a book surrounded by blue books, an actual sea…whatever you like.

Other ones that you might be unsure on:

We’re starting August 1 so start prepping now!

Part 4 – a Book LaunchIMG_6511

The Nevernight launch was incredible! Lots of people (which was why I was upstairs, looking down) and an amazing atmosphere. Jay Kristoff read us the first page which was fantastic. 

Then we got our books signed and Jay recognised me from Twitter. #famous

Anyway so a bunch of us (about 16, actually) then went to dinner afterwards and it was just a fabulous night, really. 


Credit: Gina’s Twitter

I’m reading Nevernight and really, really enjoying it. Plus, the lovely Gina brought along some of her soaps, and the Mia one is just amazing??? Well, they’re all amazing but the Mia one just really made it easy to picture the world of Itreya.

Other updates

  • I finished the second draft of my WIP, How to Hug a Grizzly. I asked you all on Twitter if anyone wanted to beta-read, and more people than expected wanted to! So I might have to figure out some sort of system to choose who wants to read it.
  • Next week I go back to university. I mean, I’ve LOVED my break and it’s gone way too fast but I am excited to go back – to see my friends again, to wear all the nice new clothes I’ve been buying, and to learn. Exciting!
  • I’m now starting the third draft of my Alice in Wonderland retelling, WanderlandI’d forgotten how much I love this story so that’s going really well.
  • I’m visiting my grandparents this Wednesday and because they live in a black hole, I’ll be sporadic on social media for a few days. Try not to miss me too much!
  • I’m now a supervisor at Woolies. Huzzah! It means that I can do fun things like refund purchases, and I won’t be on register as much. Which is a definite plus.

I think that’s all for now…I won’t be posting as much when uni gets back, but you can still look forward to more foodie posts, more reviews and more photos. Plus I’ll always be over at Instagram because I have an addiction. Have you read any amazing books lately? ALSO, what’s the best bookish event/launch you’ve been to?