Culture Shocks for Americans Abroad

USA is definitely one of the most developed nations in the world. Their culture is extremely modern, which is why most of the cultures seem quite backward to them. While you plan a trip to some other country as a citizen from US, it is always better to thoroughly study your travel itinerary planner and know what can create problems for you in that particular country. Here are some of the biggest cultural shocks that Americans face while visiting abroad:

Not tipping

Tipping is so important to the US culture that when people take it as a privilege, it comes as a major shock to the US citizens. In every travel itinerary planner you will see that tipping is quite important. So, when people do not need to tip 20 euro no deposit bonus casino, it is like a shock to them.

Some people using water

Toilet paper is one thing that is used extensively in the USA. A lot of countries use water which is something extremely shocking to the citizens of USA.

Staring at people who are not modestly dressed

A lot of cultures do not allow skimpily clad clothing. For people in USA, it comes as quite a shock that people are conservatively dressed. For instance, beaches are for beach wears. Even summer comes with a variety of summer dresses. Also, it is greatly shocking to the women when they are dressed in short clothes and everybody is staring at them, as wearing comfortable attire is a part of the American culture.

Prohibition of smoking

Smoking is not allowed publicly in a lot of places. Even though weed is illegal in some states of America, no state has really banned the use of cigarettes. So, when drinking and smoking publicly is questioned- it becomes quite shocking for Americans. With pubs on every other street, Americans are quite used to the party culture.

Extremely spicy food

Even though all the cuisines in the world are present in America, they are still not used to spices. When they come to countries which are heavily gravy based and a lot of infusion of spices hits them, it is then the discomforting feeling of indigestion arises. Also, when it comes to food, the over usage of vegetables and fresh food in preparation of dishes is something the Americans are not used to. 60% of their food items are processed and the American staple diet(although it is changing now) does not consist of freshly made food as such.

Littering and dirty surroundings

The citizens and the government of USA takes a lot of effort to keep their country clean. When they visit cities which are not very clean, it actually is quite shocking to them!

These are some of the biggest cultural shocks faced by Americans while visiting abroad. But if you plan a trip with a proper itinerary planner, you are sure to avoid all of these shocks since you will be informed in advance with the tips that you should follow.