Teacher Career

Just about everyone has encountered a teacher at some point in their lives during their education, and we may not always think about teaching when deciding what career to pursue as we get older. There is a lot to know about being a teacher, and it may be a surprise to some, but teaching is actually an extremely rewarding career. Here are four reasons why becoming a teacher could be the right career.

It’s Not Just A Job

There are jobs, part time or full time, places that folks work for a paycheck because they need to at places they don’t want to be or don’t feel satisfied. Teaching is a career, one that comes with benefits, a salary, vacations, and eventually a retirement. It isn’t just a career either, no, it’s a vocation. Work that someone could actually be proud of, a trade, something that requires a degree of skill, patience, creativity, and is one worthy of praise.

Freedom to Plan Your Day

Most jobs have their workers come in and follow a set of rules given down to them and report to a higher up. There are usually strict ways of going about the work involved and it can feel stifling. With teaching, sure there will always be a state mandated curriculum for teachers to follow, but it is still up to the teacher to decide for themselves how they want to implement that curriculum. Teachers create their own lesson plans, which means that teachers have more control over how their day will go and working the way that makes them most comfortable – not many jobs offer that much flexibility.

Smiles and Laughs Every Day

One of the highlights to being a teacher is the potential of laughing every day. Children and adolescents can be fun and many view their teachers as a friend. A joke and a smile is never far away when working with kids every day. Effective teachers build a good rapport with students, so being lighthearted once in a while can only make the day better for everyone in the classroom.

Making a Difference

Teachers can make all the difference in a young person’s life, they’re the guides and at times also the protectors of young students. Teachers are the humble keepers of knowledge and can expand a student’s horizons through education, and this in turn can inspire students to pursue different hobbies or careers themselves as they grow older. Many people remember their favorite teachers fondly for the impact that they had on their lives because teacher’s play such a pivotal role in a child’s upbringing.

There are a great many other reasons why teaching is one of the most rewarding careers one can pursue. There is a need more than ever for new teachers, making it an attractive field to choose now that there’s more job availability. It is the one career that has the greatest impact on future generations and is invaluable to the growth of a society.