book haul

I have been PARTICULARLY absent lately. 

This makes me sad. However, these next few weeks of uni are pretty intense. And to keep my scholarship, I have to get a distinction average (!!!!). I haven’t got ANY marks back yet so I have no idea what a distinction standard is or whether I’ve got there. Should be interesting.

Anyway, here’s a few quick pics of my recent adventures.

squad IMG_4766

Night out with the squad // My uni <3

IMG_4770 IMG_4686

Some more Sydney views // Parramatta

IMG_4684 IMG_4685

My friend’s cousin is a manager at Myer and got her a personal shopper for the afternoon…so fancy

 IMG_4370 IMG_4367

RAMEN <3 Lunch dates with my Sydney Uni bae Sandy // My lectures are never actually lectures, swear to God

Other happenings: 

Attended the welcome night for International Studies (which is my second degree). In 2019 I’ll be living and studying overseas for an ENTIRE YEAR which is really terrifying but really exciting. If all goes well my pick of France will be approved. My second choice is Switzerland (the parts that speak French).

They got five students to tell stories from their years abroad and their experiences were just incredible. Can’t wait 🙂

We don’t start our language and culture classes until next year but I feel like I should start now.


But apart from that, I’ve mostly just been working, doing uni stuff, seeing my friends, and taking book photos. I haven’t been blogging or Tweeting much which is TRES SAD but I’ll get there.

AND I also promised a book haul: 

FullSizeRender 9

ACOMAF: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKING EXCITED. I know most people have finished it already but I’m only just starting it. I let my sister read it first because I’m a saint.

LAURINDA by Alice Pung: this is set in a girls’ boarding school and it sounds so good. I’ve been wanting to read it for ages.

THE SIDEKICKS by Will Kostakis: and apologies to Will for half the title being cut out.

FRANKIE by Shivaun Pilozza – Shivaun is always around the Twittersphere and she’s lovely. I just HAD to buy this.

I also tried to buy The Yearbook Committee and The Things I Didn’t Say but they weren’t there. And my bank account was already screaming at me.


Then I went and bought a few books online for absolutely no reason. Except The Raven King got cancelled. *crying forever*

So there we go! Only a short post but hopefully you know a bit about why I haven’t been around too much lately. What have you guys been up to?