There are times when it’s possible to repair residential windows and get many more years of use from them. At other times, the most practical solution is to call in the professionals at Canadian Choice Windows and look into the idea of replacing all of the existing windows. How do you know which approach works best for you? Here are four signs that opting for new windows is the way to go. 

You’ve Already Spent More Than Enough on Repairs

How much have you spent over the last couple of years on window repairs. Whether minor or major, having something done to one and then another window has likely added up to more than you realize. Once you sit down and figure it out, the total may be a surprise. 

Unfortunately, those repairs aren’t holding up well. It won’t be long until more work is needed. Instead of staying in what’s become an endless loop, consider the idea of new windows. They could last for decades and need nothing more than basic maintenance. 

The Next Round of Repairs Costs More Than Replacing the Windows

You’re already facing more repairs. When you get the quote, the total makes you want to sit down and think this through. That’s because the figure is a lot higher than expected. 

After considering the possibilities, you decide to get a quote for replacing every window in the home. What you find is that replacement is only a little more than having the old ones repaired. Given the warranties and guarantees that come with new windows, the right solution is an obvious one. 

The Current Windows Offer Little in the Way of Energy Efficiency

Even with repairs, the current windows are not all that energy efficient. A lot of it has to do with the type of glass used. The panes were fine back in the day, but they don’t measure up to today’s standards. That’s because they do little to prevent heat and cold seeping through the glass and into your home. 

Newer windows with double or triple pane glass would make it much easier to control the temperature inside. Along with being more comfortable, there’s also the savings on the utility costs. Over time, those savings will go a long way toward offsetting the cost of the new windows. 

You Never Liked the Windows in the First Place

It’s time to admit that you never liked the window style in the first place. Rather than continuing to live with the windows and shell out money for repairs, why not check into windows that have the style and features you like? A professional who works with one of the top window suppliers in Vancouver can help you find something that’s to your taste and happens to fit in perfectly with the home’s design. 

If you’ve never thought about replacing the windows, now is the time to talk with a contractor. It won’t take long to settle on the specifics, approve the quote, and set a start date for the project. Once the new windows are in place, you’ll be surprised at what a difference they make.