Do you ever wonder what would have happened if your favourite book had been written in a different genre? 

These are the kind of thoughts that keep my up at night.

Also my cat sleeping on my neck.

So here’s what might have happened in TEN different YA books if they were a different genre. 

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If it was contemporary: 

The saga of an orphan and his friends at a boarding school. Harry gets really angsty about his dead parents during book five, which is where all the shipping starts. The hardest thing they have to face are mean teachers (Snape), cricket injuries (this is obviously an Aussie YA) and Prime Minister Voldemort who keeps trying to cut funding to education.

If it was sci-fi: 

Harry is the pioneer on a new planet – the rest of his crew perished and he only has his droids (H3RM and R0N) as company. Except then he discovers that there’s life on the planet and a school. And also an evil alien named (you guessed it) Voldemort.


(yes, I’m being lazy and resorting to old photos. Don’t judge)


If it was historical romance: 

Nobody goes to Amsterdam. Instead it’s set in England and Augustus sweeps Hazel off her feet and they fall in love and then they both die.


If it was dystopian: 

Hazel and Augustus are the last two survivors after a nuclear war wiped out the rest of the human race. They debate oblivion. They steal a chopper and fly to the ruins of Amsterdam. In this story they also both die because of radiation poisoning.



If it was contemporary: 

Four books. Four girls. Four love stories. Cinder has a prosthetic leg after a car accident. Scarlet is on the run in rural France. Cress has a LOT of problems with split ends. And Winter’s been imprisoned after wrongfully being accused of murder. They’re all connected. They’ll all meet. One at a time.

If it was a thriller: 

Cinder. Scarlet. Cress. Winter. Four girls. One murdered Queen. Someone knows. Someone is lying.

everything leads to you


If it was sci-fi: 

Instead of designing sets, Emi designs spaceships. Then she meets Ava, a (space) opera singer. Love blossoms.

If it was historical: 

Emi is a stagehand for a great play, and one day she meets Ava, who is trying her luck as an actress. Ava is poor, but one day Emi finds a letter suggesting Ava is the true heir to the throne. Then some Game of Thrones-style stuff goes down and Ava ends up queen. She marries Emi.

(this is in an alternate history where people aren’t homophobic btw)



If it was contemporary: 

Feyre’s family is poor, and when she gets a scholarship to a prestigious private school, they’re overjoyed – she moves into student housing and meets a host of people – Tamlin, Lucien, the mysterious Rhysand who has a criminal record but is more than what he seems.


If it was horror: 

Feyre is taken against her will to a large house. She wakes up not knowing where she is or how she got there, with only a paintbrush in her hands. There are voices. People who call themselves Tamlin, Lucien, Rhysand. Controlled by someone called Amarantha.

She has to find her way out of the house.

Or else.

the princess diaries


If it was paranormal: 

Mia is the chosen one and she has no idea why. She’s spent her entire life comfortably with her family, and now she’s thrust into the limelight as the new Queen of Genovia – the new Queen against Lucifer’s army, led by Arch-Angel Michael. Except then she falls in love with Michael because hello, it’s paranormal.

If it was epic fantasy:

Mia is the new Queen of Genovia, but others want her throne. There’s Lilly Moscovitz, former friend. Her brother, Michael, the King of the East. And there’s the Dowager Princess of the Former People’s Republic – her grandmother.

But Mia is the Mother of Dragons. This throne will be hers.

(I’ve been watching lots of Game of Thrones lately, can you tell?)



If it was contemporary: 

Love triangle. Except AIDAN is a computer and Kady is a freak.

If it was historical: 

Two opposing pirate ships. Kady. Ezra. Ship’s documents and maps and sealed letters that should never have been written in the first place.

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If it was adventure/crime: 

Liesel is on the run after stealing The Book. God knows how she managed to break into CIA headquarters but now she knows everything.

the book thief

If it was contemporary: 

Liesel is adopted to a loving family. But when they invite Max – an asylum seeker – into their house, they could be in serious trouble from the government. All they have is words.



If it was a sci-fi: 

Andie’s father could be the new intergalactic President if he plays his cards right. But then there’s a scandal (it involves aliens and the Contessa of Denmark…don’t ask). He and Andie are stuck on the Fourth Planet, walking domesticated dinosaurs.

If it was fantasy: 

Andie’s going to magic school – she has it all planned out. But then things fall through and she’s stuck in the shop with Dad, selling love potions to teenagers, healing charms to old women. Then she meets Clark and starts walking dragons. Who needs magic school?

the hunger games


If it was a contemporary romance: 

Katniss has two boys obsessed with her. One bakes bread and one kills squirrels. Who will she choose?

If it was a fantasy:

In The Magic Games, there is an arena. There are dragons. So basically it’s like The Triwizard Tournament except Katniss is the main character.

Aaaaand that’s what would happen if some of your favourite books had a genre swap. Has been verified by the authors (#legit). What’s your favourite genre? Do you ever wish a book had been a different genre?